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Dr. D Ivan Young: Remaining Friends with an Ex May Not be in Your Best Interest

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After you break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, your first question may be whether or not the two of you should remain friends. After all, you may have been friends before you started dating each other. According to Dr. D Ivan Young, a renowned relationship coach, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping in touch with an ex.

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First, you should not become “friends” with the individual if you are still feeling romantic love for him or her. It is actually wise to avoid contact with the person for three months following the breakup, as this will give you time to focus on building healthy relationships with other family members and friends who may have felt neglected when you were spending time with your now ex. Then, after three months, you can assess whether or not you can enter a healthy friendship with your ex. If not, it is best to avoid it.

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In addition, it is important to note that your ex may not exactly be happen when you have found a new man or woman. A man, in particular, may feel as though his ex-girlfriend found someone who could fulfill her needs in a way that he could not, and this can be humiliating to his ego. It is also wise to avoid doing double dates with your ex, as it can be hard to see your ex being intimate with another person in front of you.

Although breaking up with a love can be emotionally difficult, managing your relationship with your ex properly will help to make your transition to being single or to a new relationship much easier. Through the wisdom of Dr. D Ivan Young, you can quickly move on from a split-up and embrace the opportunity to pursue the right person for you.