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Relationships Can Include Addictions, Explains Dr. D Ivan Young

The stresses of marriage or a long-term relationship can bring out behaviors that are unexpected. These can range from extra-marital affairs to drug addiction to alcohol abuse. In some cases, these behaviors were exhibited prior to the relationship, so the partner did not know about them. In other cases, the person came from a family in which addictive behaviors were rampant. Regardless of the reason, maintaining a relationship with a person who is coping with an addiction is very difficult.

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Often, addicts do not take responsibility for their actions nor do they realize the impact of their behaviors on those around them. An alcoholic can become so desperate for a drink that she may leave her family’s home in the middle of the night to ring doorbells at 3am to find a neighbor who will provide her with alcohol. This desperation will cause the addict to lie, cheat or steal in order to find a way to satisfy the addiction.

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So, what can you do if your spouse or mate becomes an alcoholic or drug addict, or even a sex addict? Dr. D Ivan Young, a relationship expert, would encourage you to find a therapist to help you work through this problem. You will encounter a multitude of feelings as you try to help your partner. You need an experienced therapist who is certified in this type of work because you will not be able to address it on your own.

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As Dr. D Ivan Young would explain, behaviors of people with addictions cause ripples through a whole community. In addition, you need to know that you are not alone in having a mate with an addiction. A therapist will explain how to hold your loved one accountable, while also being supportive. Your spouse or boyfriend is the only person who can change his behavior. Once he gets clean, every new day will present him with the opportunity to continue drug-free or fall off the wagon.

Dr. D Ivan Young: See Your Breakup as a Setup for a Comeback

When you fall in love, research shows that your body secretes chemicals known as phenylethylamine, which impacts your mood in the same way that amphetamines do. Likewise, when you break up with a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend, scientists say that your brain looks similar to that of someone who is experiencing a death. A qualified relationship coach, such as Dr. D Ivan Young, can help you to rebound from a broken relationship and reclaim your life.

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Breaking up with someone, especially somebody you have been with for an extended period of time, can leave you feeling emotionally devastated and heartbroken. One book by Young that addresses people in this situation is Break Up, Don’t Break Down. The book stands out in the industry in that it address the complex issues that most individuals are struggling with following a breakup, such as guilt connected with their religious beliefs, tormenting regret and how to mitigate the breakup’s negative impacts on the kids.

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You can only successfully get over a breakup if you have somebody at your side to guide you as you navigate your feelings of hurt or betrayal. That is why having a relationship coach is invaluable. Family members and friends may want to try to help but often make your problem worse since they do not fully understand how to address relationship issues in their own lives.

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It is worth noting that overcoming emotional and mental suffering requires patience. Although you cannot change what you see and experience, you can change how you see the world around you. You can either wallow in grief or you can view your setback as a setup for a comeback and embrace the life change that a breakup brings. People are always in your life for a lesson, a reason or a season, according to Young, and when it is time to let them go, it is wise to take time to evaluate yourself and who you are as a result of your experiences with them.

Emotionally Recovering During Trying Times

All of us have had to go through an emotional funk at some point in our life – and it should be safe to assume that more are inevitably bound to spring up over time. Rather than getting completely blindsided by the unexpected with no emotional netting to keep our wits in line, why not seek out professional help from someone who can guide us through these turbulent times? Dr. D Ivan Young is a person who specializes in guiding individuals and families during their toughest moments in life.

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Dr. D Ivan Young holds a PhD in Philosophy and Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Metaphysics. He is a Credentialed MBTI Master Practitioner, Master Certified Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified NLP Practitioner; a featured guest on television and radio; best-selling author; an entertaining motivational speaker, and relationship expert who men and women both like him to that uncle, brother, sister, or best friend who you routinely turn to for advice during trying times – the major difference being Dr. Young has the training, knowledge, expertise and experience needed to guide you through difficult situations with tried and true solutions to your problems.

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It takes a lot of courage for anyone to admit to themselves that they simply do not have the answers to those tougher emotional hurdles we are often faced with. To the outside world, we must avoid showing our weaknesses, and trudge through emotional roller coasters no matter how daunting of a task. If you feel as if you have tried everything and find yourself up against a wall, do yourself a favor and seek out advice from someone like Dr. Young.

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Listen to or watch some of his radio or television appearances, check out some of the many contributions to websites devoted to relationship, or, if you are lucky enough to attend, one of his live talks and see how things can be overcome with just the right kind of sound guidance you may very well need.

Visit the website of Dr. D Ivan Young. Within the site are a variety of different outlets for anyone whose life seems to have come to a stand. Seeking out some advice and assistance could be the very key you need to experience the kind of success and happiness you are looking for.

Get Empowered with Guidance

Despite constant encouragement since our upbringing to become self-sustaining individuals, pride is still one of those cardinal sins that can lead to downfall if not respected early on. Some people would point such a stance as scripture passed down through religious teachings, but to view humility as a weakness and pride as a strength is foolhardy can come back to haunt you as your viewpoint on life slowly evolves over time. For a good portion of us, such truths never come easily until we realize our uphill battles turn into obstacles of mountainous proportions. The best way to avoid an avalanche of disappointments and establish a stronger and more stabilized footing on life, individuals should consult experts like Dr. D Ivan Young.

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Dr. Young is a best-selling author, frequent radio host and television guest, a credentialed MBTI Master Practitioner, and certified Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner. He holds a PhD in Philosophy as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in Metaphysics. His practice, lectures, workshops, relaxation and meditation recordings are designed to give clients the tools they need to transform their lives and empower themselves.

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Dr. D Ivan Young understands how difficult it might be for individuals to come to terms with their misunderstandings and forge forward by letting pride blindly guide them into tougher times. He knows fully-well the pitfalls of pride and what a leap it must be for certain people to let their guard down and seek out assistance when life seems to spiraling out of their control.

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Of the many lessons Dr. Young teaches his clients, one of the most integral is allowing the individual to first step back and try to better understand why some steps work and others do not. Someone can have all of the charisma and personality there is to bring to the table, but when a person has no idea how to utilize those tools effectively than they can weigh down an individual and sink the very relationships surrounding them.

If you are tired of pushing yourself with no clear sign of fulfillment in sight, or you happen to be sticking to old lifestyle ways that have lost their effectiveness in the contemporary times, then you may want to check out the website of Dr. D Ivan Young to see how his tools and techniques could be the saving grace you need to rein in those stubborn bouts of pride.

Reflection Respect

The sociological tools of engagement that fuel our insatiable fingertips encourage scrutiny and self-indulgence – obfuscating physical interaction that shapes how we define and live our lives. Relationships are developed, examined, consummated and rapidly decimated upon completion in countless chat rooms every single day. Profile pics embody our entire public persona, and posts are closely monitored for authenticity, originality, and personal relativeness. When digital acceptance is never achieved, then an introverted social media presence is labeled as narcissistic.

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We have stepped into an exceptionally complicated, opportunistic, and yet judgmental framework of networking and contacting where savvy streams of thought and short-character witticism reigns supreme in the digitized contest of popularity. Unfortunately the amazing levels of technology afforded us have swallowed us whole; amounting to little consideration for the voice behind the personalities we stand behind online.

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Dr. D Ivan Young is a public speaker, regular radio host, featured guest on television, respected commentator and noted writer, devoting his career to enlightening the public with information that can inform, inspire, and empower those ready to look deeper within. Dr. Young is committed to shining a brighter and more powerful light on the ready-and-willing, and wants his message to reach as many of the unguided and ill-informed as possible.

One of the most pressing issues many of us face on a personal level today is just how personal our socially-constructed relationships via the internet constitute actual bona fide relationships. There are so many spontaneous actions that spark into incorrigible personality traits that a lot of people have a hard time distinguishing embellishment from reality – namely due to instantaneous judgment mere passable finger tips away.

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Dr. D Ivan Young is fortunate enough to share a nationwide following of supporters and subscribers to his teachings thanks to appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC, and access Hollywood, just to name a few television endorsements. Dr. Young has always strived to spread his word as far reaching as possible, and in an ironic twist the very same devices that seem to separate us are what binds us together in the long run.

To learn more about Dr. D Ivan Young, the teachings he hopes will bring us closer together, and the message he ultimately brings to the table, visit his website for an in-depth look into self-empowerment and social interaction likely conceived as antique in our fast-paced minds.

Thought Leader Dr. D Ivan Young

Few thought leaders are as well trained as Dr. D Ivan Young. Dr. Young has bachelors and master’s degrees in metaphysics and is a doctor of philosophy specializing in holistic life coaching. He was also conferred as an MBTI Master Practitioner, an honor given to those with expertise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, which is a psychological test that has been used in the industry for years. He is also a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

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Dr. Young is a well-respected life coach and relationship expert. With his simple and direct way of speaking he has helped people to find happiness both in everyday life and in lasting relationships. He is able to inspire positive change by giving people the tools they need to make important life decisions. Those who have talked with Dr. Young have noted that he is hopeful but directive, encouraging but provocative.

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Dr. Young is the best-selling author of Break Up, Don’t Break Down. He is also the author of Another Chance… Where Would You Be Without One! Both of Dr. Young’s books were published by his own publishing house, Reality-N-3D Publishing, Inc., where he is president and CEO. Reality-N-3D Publishing was founded based on Dr. Young’s dedication to helping people with complex relationship issues. The publishing house’s books, workbooks, audio books, and CD’s on the topics of spirituality, self-help, and relationships, are specifically geared towards women ages 19-55, a generally underserved age group.

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Reality-N-3D Publishing is located in Houston, Texas, where Dr. Young and his staff are committed to supporting programs in the community that help at-risk youth, single mothers, and families that are facing overwhelming challenges.

Through all of his endeavors, Dr. Young has helped millions of people to improve their lives and relationships and to create a future that is fulfilling and solid.

Relationship Expert Dr. D Ivan Young

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need some good advice, or even just to talk to someone. Dr. D Ivan Young has helped an untold number of people, offering them sound guidance when they need it most.

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Dr. Young has bachelors and master’s degrees in metaphysics, is a doctor of philosophy specializing in holistic life coaching, and is a Credentialed MBTI Master Practitioner, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified NLP Practitioner. He was also conferred as an MBTI Master Practitioner, an honor given to those with expertise in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, a long-used and respected psychological test.

He is also an entertaining motivational speaker and an exceptional relationship expert. In fact, he is known as the relationship expert.

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Dr. Young stresses that there are a few crucial steps to building a long-lasting, soul-satisfying relationship. The first step is to know and understand all aspects of yourself. The next step is to learn how to put not only past toxic relationships behind you but also unproductive ways of thinking that are holding you back and keeping you down.

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Dr. Young uses time-tested, easy-to-practice techniques that have proven effective for people of all religions, genders, races, and levels of education. He helps people to unearth their hidden gifts and their natural talents, and helps them learn how to use these effectively. He helps people to understand their purpose and learn how to be focused and aware so that they are not only happy but so they can form productive and meaningful relationships. His approach is simple and direct, encouraging but provocative, hopeful but directive.

Those who need Dr. Young’s help can receive it through his lectures, workshops, books, and his relaxation and meditation CDs. When people are ready to move forward in life and have all they deserve, Dr. Young can help.