Dr. D Ivan Young: See Your Breakup as a Setup for a Comeback

When you fall in love, research shows that your body secretes chemicals known as phenylethylamine, which impacts your mood in the same way that amphetamines do. Likewise, when you break up with a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend, scientists say that your brain looks similar to that of someone who is experiencing a death. A qualified relationship coach, such as Dr. D Ivan Young, can help you to rebound from a broken relationship and reclaim your life.

Image Source: emotionalmojo.com

Breaking up with someone, especially somebody you have been with for an extended period of time, can leave you feeling emotionally devastated and heartbroken. One book by Young that addresses people in this situation is Break Up, Don’t Break Down. The book stands out in the industry in that it address the complex issues that most individuals are struggling with following a breakup, such as guilt connected with their religious beliefs, tormenting regret and how to mitigate the breakup’s negative impacts on the kids.

Image Source: devotionaldiva.com

You can only successfully get over a breakup if you have somebody at your side to guide you as you navigate your feelings of hurt or betrayal. That is why having a relationship coach is invaluable. Family members and friends may want to try to help but often make your problem worse since they do not fully understand how to address relationship issues in their own lives.

Image Source: vainlife.com

It is worth noting that overcoming emotional and mental suffering requires patience. Although you cannot change what you see and experience, you can change how you see the world around you. You can either wallow in grief or you can view your setback as a setup for a comeback and embrace the life change that a breakup brings. People are always in your life for a lesson, a reason or a season, according to Young, and when it is time to let them go, it is wise to take time to evaluate yourself and who you are as a result of your experiences with them.

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