Dr. D Ivan Young Can Help You Fix Workplace Relationship Problems

The world of work is a difficult place these days. After the casualties of the recession, it is tough to feel that you can rely on any place of employment. The era of spending 25 years at one company, then retiring with a gold watch is over. Today, you must constantly prove your value or you risk getting cut in the next round of layoffs.

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Whether or not you have an MBA, the determinants of success at work are your relationships with your boss and colleagues. Do you get along with your boss? This is a very important question because your boss has the power to demote, fire or assign you to irrelevant activities. He/she can also talk badly about you behind your back and refuse resources that enable you to do your job. In short, your boss is your lifeline to job success.

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In addition, your relationships with colleagues, especially in key departments, are critical. Do you get along with the person in billing who follows up on your sales? Are you friendly with HR so that you can get the people you need in your department? Do the people in tech support like you so that they will quickly solve computer problems for you?

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If you find that you have difficulty getting along with your boss and many key people at your job, you will need to do some serious self-assessment. You can choose to leave the job, but if your relationship problems stem from your behaviors, you will encounter similar issues elsewhere. Alternatively, you can find someone who can help you understand and change your behaviors and attitudes.

Dr. D Ivan Young specializes in helping people who are having relationship problems. Whether your personal or professional relationships are causing you difficulty, Dr. D Ivan Young may be able to help you understand the reasons you are have problems and he can provide ways to make positive changes.

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